News from Alpha Major

New Movin' with Theory Grade 11 and 12 Answer Book Available
The answer book for the Movin' with Theory Grades 11 and 12 workbooks is now available! This long awaited answer book joins the series of other answer books for Grades 5 and 6, Grades 7 and 8, and Grades 9 and 10. You can find these answer books in the Products > Movin' with Theory > Answer Books category or by clicking here.

NFMC Announcement
Announcements from the new National Federation of Music Club (NFMC) Festival Bulletin include three of our piano solos or our most popular piano duets. Congratulations to our composers Karol Ann Badgett and Teresa Crawford! You can find these piano duets in the Products > Piano Music > Federation Selection category or by clicking here.

More Order Checkout Options

We have had feedback from some customers about using PayPal when placing their order. Some customers just don't like it! Therefore, customers are no longer forced to enter their credit card information through the PayPal link when they place an order. We now support direct entry of credit card information in the shopping cart. You no longer have to select the PayPal button to enter your credit card information. You can now simply select the new Credit Card button to do this. Of course, you can still use PayPal as an option. Some customers with PayPal accounts find this a more convenient way to pay.