Alpha Major
Cultivating the complete musician

Alpha Major is a publisher of music theory workbooks and sheet music from todays authors and composers.  Alpha Major's mission is to provide teachers and students with music theory experiences that develop effective musical analysis abilities and contribute to confidence in performance and further study.

Alpha Major is unique because:
- products are developed in the field by experts.
- products go through a program evaluation process.
- products develop a community of teachers, performers, students.

Alpha Major and the Alpha Major community of authors, composers, teachers and students demonstrate that collaboration
(1) improves products, (2) improves musical experiences of participants, and (3) creates a creative platform for teachers.

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About Alpha Major Leadership

Collectively, Karen Wallace and Janet Soller, have worked for over 6 decades as studio and music classroom teachers, in educational program and event management, and in scholarly and music publishing. Their classroom teaching expertise spans preschool through graduate level as well as professional credentialed continuing education.

In 2003, Karen Wallace was named Texas Teacher of the Year by the Texas Music Teachers Association. About this same time, Janet Soller earned her PhD in Education from American University and worked in the nonprofit and association industry in operations and educational program management. Both are published authors and have worked in publishing industries.

Karen Wallace and Janet Soller belong to a rich, musical heritage. Karen holds degrees in music from Southwestern University and a Masters from the University of Houston. As a teen, Karen was an award winning pianist and TMTA Gold Medal theory winner. Janet holds music degrees from Southwestern University and Southern Methodist University and continued with post graduate studies at Peabody Conservatory, Johns Hopkins University, and the Royal Northern College of Music. Their prodigious “short list” of piano teachers included Drusilla Huffmaster, Julio Esteban, and Marjorie Clementi.

Based on decades of education, experience, and research, Karen and Janet:
- Experienced and understood strengths and weakness of past and current music theory education.
- Identified through practice and research the needs of customers and students.
- Understand, from a first person perspective, the demands upon and constraints of music teachers’ time and financial resources.
- Remain abreast of current upheaval in music education due to crisis in economy and public schools

Leadership Roles

Karen Wallace , Publisher:
Besides traditional publisher responsibilities, Karen’s interests focus on the importance of music theory in developing musician and Alpha Major’s relationships with its customers. Please contact Karen with your ideas about customer relations and teaching music theory. Email:

Janet Soller , Senior Director, Communications, Research & Development :
With Alpha Major’s commitment to meeting the needs of music teachers, Janet’s responsibilities include developing and improving products. Please contact Janet directly about opportunities for publishing, research, evaluation or social media communications. Email:

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