Book 2 The KEY to Pre-College Music Theory - Music Theory Workbook - By Karen Wallace and Janet Soller

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This is Book Two of The KEY to Pre-College Music Theory workbook series.  Concepts include: Intervals: altering intervals, augmented/minor/diminished, augmented second, draw & invert intervals, Major/minor 3rds, Major/Perfect intervals (all clefs), simple & compound intervals; Circle of fifths - major & minor, Key signatures: drawing, naming, order of sharps, order of flats, relative keys; Scales: major scales, keynote/tonic, scale degrees, scale drill, whole & half step patter, minor scales - harmonic, melofic & natural minor; triads: augmented, diminished, major, minor; whole & hald steps; rhythmn: simple, compound, asym-metrical, meters, time signatures write counts; and ear training.

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