Coloring Keys

The Coloring Keys Series is a piano preparatory method series or supplemental series written for very young beginners, ages four through seven years old.

Why use Coloring Keys?
  • Appeals to very young beginners and their love of making music, fantasy, accomplishment, and repetition.
  • Offers you an inexpensive resource that develops the music skills you want your students to have.
  • Adapts easily to your studio and teaching style.
Why is Coloring Keys different?
  • Teaches music concepts the way children learn to read their spoken language.
  • Focuses on cognitive development by limiting the number of new concepts and healthy technique that is based on each student’s age, ability, and size of hand from the very beginning of their lessons.
  • Teaches keyboard and music concepts and skills through a variety of activities.
  • Creates opportunities for children to perform and improvise, demonstrating their thinking concepts and skills.