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Diane L. Anderson composes accessible and contemporary works for piano. Students find her piano solos sophisticated, making them appealing choices regardless of how late your student began lessons.  As a college student in piano ensemble class, Anderson composed her first work, Tomorrow’s Past for two pianos. Anderson also composes  for a wide-combination of instruments. University of New Hampshire has premiered her Wind Trio, Music for Winds and Strings, Piano and Percussion, and Symphony for Winds. Anderson earned a BA in music, magna cum laude from University of Massachusetts Lowell and a MA in music from the University of New Hampshire.  At UNH, she studied with Kjos composer Andrew J. Boysen, Jr. Anderson resides in Massachusetts with her husband, maintains a piano studio, accompanies, and is active in her association memberships (MTNA, Guild).
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Space Junk Piano Solo Sheet Music
Space Junk
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Dorian Jig Piano Solo Sheet Music
Dorian Jig
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Downtown Crossing Piano Solo Sheet Music
Downtown Crossing
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Windswept Miniatures Piano Solo Sheet Music
Windswept Miniatures
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Gala at Mystic Bay Piano Solo Sheet Music
Gala at Mystic Bay
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Things I Like Piano Solo Sheet Music
Things I Like
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Winter Playground Piano Solo Sheet Music
Winter Playground
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