So-Mi Singers - By Janet Soller and Karen Wallace: Piano Music Lesson Book

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The So-Mi Singers Workbook is based on how a child learns to read the written word and the Kodaly music system. This exciting new workbook for five, six and seven year old provides visual and written worksheets which support aural singing and listening skills. With large notes and engaging artwork, young children grasp understanding the process of turning symbols into reading. The workbook covers rhythm (duple and triple meter, quarter, half, dotted half, and eighth notes, and appropriate Kodaly rhythmic syllables) pitch--discrimination of high/low, up/down, and (in moveable do) so, mi, la, do, re, and visual location of fa and ti. Pitch is notated first without staff and then with lines of staff. The workbook provides teachers with reading, writing, ear-training and composing worksheets that young students love. Classroom teachers and principals love the pre-reading, reading, and language-based skills that are inherently presented throughout.